New Products Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce that we are getting to launch two new products: the LHZ-03 preamp and the much-anticipated HAZard LAMPS stombox.


The LHZ-03 is a redesign of the LHZ-01 and LHZ-02 preamps that takes the last year of feedback from hundreds of clients to make multiple improvements.

It’s smaller, easier to install, easier to fit into tight spaces.

The best feature of all: no more needing to choose between a solder version or a pin header version! The LHZ-03 works equally well when connecting to traditional soldered volume pots and controls AND it connects with the solderless modular EMG controls.

On sale now at the LHZ Shop! Where to Buy


You asked for it, and we built it: an LHZ preamp in a pedal! This pedal is intended for players with passive basses that want to give it the same punch and power that the LHZ brings to Spector basses.

If you play your Spector with the EQ “dimed” (or nearly so) then switch to a passive bass, you know the problem. The tone controls in a passive bass only cut frequencies; it does not boost them. This means that that passive bass tone controls rolled all the way to MAX is equivalent to an active bass set at the FLAT position.

This results in a HUGE difference in levels and tone that makes it difficult to switch instruments (using the same signal chain) during a show.

The HAZard LAMPS gives your passive bass the same active EQ control as your Spector. A vintage Fender Jazz with the HAZard Lamps “dimed” yields the same levels, same EQ impact, and the same unique “Haz” fingerprint as your Spector. What’s not to love?


Just gotta have it? Be the envy of your friends and the first on your block to throw down with this shiny yellow brick of vintage tone. You can HAZ with whatever bass you plug in!

Join the pre-sale wait list here: Reserve My Build