LHZ-01 or LHZ-02?

How do I choose? What is the difference between LHZ-01 and LHZ-01?

For most clients, the decision between the LHZ-01 and LHZ-02 centers around how comfortable they are soldering small wires to a circuit board. We recommend the LHZ-02 for users with limited soldering experience, or for installations where the components are often changed in the bass.

The LHZ-02 was designed to connect with the EMG modular quick-disconnect cables, however most of our clients also prefer the LHZ-02 when wiring to traditional soldered volume pots.

Item:LHZ-01 (Solder Connection)
LHZ-02 (Quick Disconnect)
Price:$140.00 USD (plus tax and shipping)$155.00 USD (plus tax and shipping)
  • Soldered wires from LHZ preamp to soldered potentiometers.

  • Best for users who rarely change controls or who prefer all connections to be soldered.

  • Connection to EMG modular controls using quick-disconnect cables.
  • Connection to traditional soldered pots using supplied quick-disconnect cables.

  • Recommended for flexibility if pickups and pots may be changed in future.

    Soldering Experience:Recommended for users with precision soldering experience and are comfortable soldering small wires to circuit boards.Recommended for users with limited soldering experience.

    What is included:
  • Preamp with pre-wired Bass and Treble potentiometers.
  • 9-volt battery connector with leads.
  • Mounting tape: 3M double-sided.

  • Preamp with pre-wired Bass and Treble potentiometers.
  • 9-volt battery connector with quick disconnect.
  • 4 three-pin connectors with flying leads.
  • 2 single-pin DuPoint jumpers.
  • Mounting tape: 3M double-sided.

  • We ship the unit with four 3-pin quick-disconnect cables with flying leads. These are used to connect the LHZ to the output jack, and can also be used to connect it to volume pots in configurations where the pickups are soldered to traditional pots.

    Using the LHZ-02 this way means you are doing the soldering on the pots instead of on the preamp board… which is far more comfortable for folks who do not do a lot of soldering.

    The short version is this:

    • With the LHZ-01, you’d be soldering wires to the circuit board.
    • With the LHZ-02, you be soldering wires to the potentiometer and plugging it into the circuit board.