HL-1 HAZard LAMPS Available in Store


Today we are happy to announce that the HL-1 HAZard LAMPS pedal is now available from the LHZ Store!

Bass Direct UK is now stocking both the HL-1 HAZard LAMPS Pedal and the LHZ-03 Preamp, which gives customers in the US and European Union a local purchasing option.

It’s been a long road to this point. As a small shop, we are constantly balancing our time between building preamps, supporting clients (and potential clients with questions), vendor and inventory logistics, and new product design.

We want to thank all the waitlist clients for their patience! We know it probably felt like a dangling carrot for a while. This week we’ve built the last of our waitlist customer orders and are shipping those units. With the waitlist closed, we now have the bandwidth to list the HL-1 for sale and offer the same 7 day turnaround that we have for the LHZ-03 preamps.