TonePump Wiring Diagram

We’ve recently acquired a 2006 Spector ReBop 5 DLX in original condition, complete with EMG HZ pickups and TonePump, so thought we’d document the wiring and create a diagram to help others who are diagnosing issues or replacing preamps.

Owners of 2000-era Spector ReBop or Euro basses have difficulty finding wiring diagrams for the original TonePump installed in the bass. Spector maintains drawings of the current TonePump preamps with the onboard trim (aka the “10 wire” version) but do not archive the earlier version of the preamp.

Here’s the schematic you won’t find on the Spector site:

The wiring harness was removed intact with the original potentiometers in the event that re-installation is desired. The only missing component on the harness photos is the barrel jack that connects to the battery, purple TonePump wire, and Bass EQ ground.