Media and Sound Samples

The most common we questions we receive from clients considering a preamp is this one “Are there any sound samples with someone using the same model or bass or configuration as mine?”

To answer that question as objectively as we can, following are some links to users who’ve posted samples of their bass with the LHZ preamp. Have you posted a clip using the LHZ? Let us know and we’ll link it!

EMG vs LHZ Comparison


TalkBass forum user madmaskbass writeup / Alice In Chains – Dirt:
This is a post by the very first beta tester when the LHZ was still a prototype. The post features an excellent recording showing of that classic Spector AIC tone.

TalkBass user Low Commotion review of install experience:

Talk Bass user fibz awesome database of sound samples from multiple pickups and preamps:


Kevin Pelepako: Would? – Alice In Chains
This is a Spector Rebop 5 model with a 40P5 at the neck, 40TW at the bridge (in Single Coil mode), and the LHZ preamp.

Kevin Pelepako: Operation Mindcrime – Queensryche
This is a Spector Skylar Accord model with a 40P5 at the neck, 40DC at the bridge, and the LHZ preamp. Audio chain is a Mesa Subway DI Preamp into my PreSonus interface. There are no effects or overdrive, just a little bit of compression.

Kip Wright: A New Level – Pantera (Bass & Drums only – solo section)

Bill Abella Music: This is an excellent comparison of 4 different basses and preamps (one of which is a Spector Euro 5LZ with the LHZ preamp) playing across multiple songs genres. Instead of the typical head-to-head comparison, this really lets each instruments character shine so viewers can get an idea of how each one sits in the mix.

Kip Wright: Symphony of Destruction – Megadeth cover

Kip Wright: Kickstand – Soundgarden cover

Kip Wright: Cowboys From Hell – Pantera cover

Kip Wright: I’m Broken – Pantera cover