TonePump Wiring Diagram

We’ve recently acquired a 2006 Spector ReBop 5 DLX in original condition, complete with EMG HZ pickups and TonePump, so thought we’d document the wiring and create a diagram to help others who are diagnosing issues or replacing preamps.

Active Blend Circuit Eliminates Insertion Loss

Today we are happy to share a schematic for a blend pot conversion that will eliminate the insertion loss effect that creates a volume dip at the center of rotation of a blend potentiometer when using active EMG pickups. There is significant conflicting information regarding blend potentiometer sizing and wiring….

LHZ Custom Potentiometers

We are pleased to announce that we have contracted a manufacturer to produce custom potentiometers for our Bass and Treble controls to be paired with our LHZ Preamps. The new potentiometers match Spector OEM physical specs and will be available by the end of September.

HazLabs vs LHZ

This month I’ve received an authentic HazLabs preamp and a KHaz preamp to used for circuit tracing to compare to the currently-shipping LHZ-01 and LHZ-02 bass preamps. I’m happy to report that the LHZ is a component-level match to the original Hazlabs preamp, with the only exception being that we…