The LHZ Shop is Live!

In December we hit a milestone: the number of incoming orders exceeded our capacity to build preamps. We made the decision to transition from building preamps individually at time of sale to scheduled builds on a weekly basis. This allows us to keep up with orders while still offering very responsive customer support.

We are happy to announce that we now accept direct orders via the LHZ Shop. Orders placed here will be scheduled in the next weekly build lot to guarantee they will ship within 7 business days.

Direct orders always have priority! This means that if we have a high number of direct orders, there may be only a few preamps (or none!) listed on the eBay and Reverb stores for that week.

While this may make finding LHZ Preamps harder on eBay and Reverb, we feel this is the best way to offer our clients the same level of support and keep up with the increasing pace of orders.

Currently, the LHZ Shop is only shipping domestic orders in the US, however we are planning to add international direct order capability in the near future.