Play It Forward: 100th unit sold!

We just hit a milestone last week: the 100th LHZ preamp was built! To celebrate, we will select one of our existing customers to receive S/N# 100 completely free of charge to upgrade their arsenal, or choose to have it shipped to anyone of their choosing.

The winner will be notified via the eBay or Reverb store account used to purchase their preamp, TalkBass forum account, or email if they have been in direct contact.

We’ve chosen to do this as a quiet celebration to honor the amazing community of musicians that we’ve had the privilege to work with in the last several months. Sure, we could have done this like most companies do today by running a promotional campaign with the goal of getting Likes, Follows, or Subscribers on social media accounts.

HOWEVER, most of our clients found us via quiet word-of-mouth. So, why not play it forward in the same way?

The winner will receive a full retail install kit for the LHZ, and we’ll configure it as an LHZ-01 model (solder connections) or as an LHZ-02 model (DuPoint pin connectors) per the winner’s request. Winner can choose to remain anonymous (we have a lot of touring artists that are not at liberty to advertise they use LHZ preamps) if they choose.

Are you ready to rumble? Stay tuned: we’ll be contacting the winner during the week of November 13, 2023!