HL-1 HAZard LAMPS Manual

The HL-1 HAZard LAMPS pedal brings the unique tonal voice of the LHZ preamp into a pedal format. This pedal is intended for players with passive basses that want to give it the same punch and power as a USA Spector bass with an internal Hazlabs preamp. While it is…

LHZ-03 Installation Diagram

View and Download the LHZ-03 Installation Manual right here! This is a living document that is constantly being updated as we create new installation diagrams for clients that have unique wiring challenges. Don’t see the diagram you need? Let us know! CURRENT VERSION PREVIOUS VERSIONS

LHZ-02 Installation Diagram (Blue Rev 1.7g)

View and download a PDF copy of the Installation Manual for the LHZ-02 HazLabs Clone preamp. The LHZ-02 features solderless DuPoint style pin headers that compatible with EMG connectors. This manual is specific for users with the BLUE preamp marked as Rev 1.7g.