LHZ-01 Installation Diagram (Green Rev 1.6)

View and download a PDF copy of the Installation Manual for the LHZ-01 HazLabs Clone preamp. The LHZ-01 features solder pad connections. This manual is specific for users with the GREEN preamp marked as Rev 1.6.


The output jack wiring was revised to address a potential battery drain issue noted on certain configurations in control cavities using copper foil lining. In rare cases, the foil lining would conduct the battery ground directly to the pickups via grounded pots and bypass the power switching functionality of the barrel jack.

The change was to swap the S (Sleeve) and R (Ring) connections between the LHZ preamp board and the output jack connectors.

TT (Tip)OUTPUT: Output signal from the preamp.
RS (Sleeve)GROUND RETURN: When a jack is plugged in, this is connected to the GROUND SEND and returns the battery ground to the preamp to provide power.
SR (Ring)GROUND SEND: Directly connected to battery ground.

This modification sends negative power to the R (Ring) connector instead of the S (Sleeve) and prevents the foil lining from bypassing the barrel jack power switch.